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I was an over achiever mom... 

and then God laid in my arms an unexpected assignment.  After four healthy children, my 8 month old baby girl would have her first seizure... It was a short seizure, but as time passed they would get longer and longer - two hours and twenty minutes holds the record and soon after a diagnosis of Dravet Syndrome.

Our family tried to keep things as normal as possible including adopting an elf we placed on the shelf named Annie. Annie turned out to be a slacker... She laid on the dining room table lifting weights for three days, and then took a two day nap in the playroom!  That would certainly make me tired, but this was unacceptable behavior! A text message to my son asking him to move the elf would expose the truth to the daughter whom we adopted Annie for. The gig was up. I was a bit saddened, yet relieved as I just couldn't keep up with the elf's shananigans while caring for lil "G".

We needed a different tradition. One that my little girl would never outgrow... One that would remain true... One that would plant seeds in her heart that in time would grow into knowing the God of the angels... While talking to a friend about my elf failure,  Angel on Assignment was born. 

It is my sincere hope that Angel on Assignment will remind you daily of the miracles that await for those who just believe. May you encounter Angels today and all year through!


Angel on Assignment - An Angelic Tradition Angel on Assignment - An Angelic Tradition
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